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Flea Tick Killer Pet Comb

Flea Tick Killer Pet Comb

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Flea Tick Killer Pet Comb

Comfortable charging technology: Dive into your pet coat, find fleas, kill them, and remove them from your pet.
Safely remove FLEAS: pesticides, toxins, gold.
Easy to use: just comb it on the pet's fur - the flea doctor will release some light charge that can stun and kill the flea.
Immediate results: Results can be seen in front of your eyes; discard dead or shocked fleas directly into the trash.

Material: plastic
Product size: 26*17.5*5 cm
Product weight: 125 g
Packing Size: 67*52*54 cm

Product Content:
1 x Flea Doctor Electric Flea Comb

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