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For Your Cat and Dog

Dog Toilet Puppy

Dog Toilet Puppy

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Dog Toilet Puppy

Super corrosion resistance.
Antibacterial material, extraordinary antibacterial deodorant effect, safe non-toxic.
No deformation, 120 kilos of the dog stand up all right.
Safe and durable, smooth surface, non-toxic and tasteless, durable.
Easy to train, in line with the dog toilet habit.
Home health, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, causing harm to their families.
The fixed-point toilet, so that dogs are used to a fixed position, easy to clean.

material: plastic
Product Category: Other cleaning beauty products
Whether to import: No
Number of cases: 5
Whether the patent source: No
Specifications: (without the wall) bitch small pink, (without the wall) female dog large pink, (without the wall) bitch small blue, (without the wall) female dog large blue, (with wall) Dog small pink, (with the wall) male dog large pink, (with the wall) male dog small blue, (with wall) male dog large blue, (accessory) single wall
Item No.: JXCW22
BP130 plate (small): 50*38*3.5cm
BP131 tablet (large): 67*52*3.5cm
Wall: 43.5*25*3.8cm

Package Content
1*Pet toilet



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