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Dog Cooling Summer Mat

Dog Cooling Summer Mat

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Dog Cooling Summer Mat

In order to dissipate heat, your dog does not have a lot of free skin. He pulled his tongue to lower his body temperature. It is effective, but if it has a lot of hair or the temperature really rises, it is not enough, it suffocates.
The cooling pad is exactly what you need: ready, you don't have to go in the fridge or freezer. Place the carpet in a cool place and place the dog on top. This mat helps your pet adjust body temperature.
This type of carpet is autonomous since its material consisting of rattan and silk fibers works without electricity, it acts when in contact with the animal's body and reduces the temperature by absorbing its heat.
The cooling pad has a thickness of 2 cm, which ensures the comfort of your beloved pet. He settled in a basket or a hard place.
It's very light and it's easy to carry around once it's rolling: walking, transport, holidays, vehicles fixed in the sun, overheating. Or just at home.
It requires little maintenance and comes in a variety of sizes, so it fits your dog!

Care instructions: Clean the surface of the cooling pad with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Material Outer layer: Ice vine Internal material: Sponge mixed ice silk surface
Product Name: Light blue ice vine pet mat
S: 48*38 4kg inside pets
M:70*50 10kg inside pet
L:100*70 40kg inside pet
XL: 120*73 50kg pets

Package Content:
1 x Mat

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