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Anti-Barking Dog Repeller

Anti-Barking Dog Repeller

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Anti-Barking Dog Repeller

This Anti Bark Device will trigger after more than three times barking, effectively filter out some false triggering caused by environmental noise or dog occasionally bark.
Design by sound control and fitted on the wall, easy to install.
Come with a rotary wall holder, which makes the device can rotate 360 degrees freely.
Humans cannot hear the ultrasonic, NO harm to human and dog, safe to use.

1. Do not install in damp, leaking sunlight and easy to encounter a place.
2. The device's work performance will be affected by environmental noise, work distance and the volume of the dog's bark.
3. If there is loud and lasted noise around, highly suggest that you had better not use this product, the noise environment will affect these products using life.

The dog is our friend, but sometimes its barking is bothering us. Unexpected barking often disturbs neighbors. How do we let our dogs become more gentle?
This is the New Humanely Ultrasonic Anti No Bark Control Device Stop Dog Barking Silencer Hanger, which triggers the ultrasonic wave circuit work through the barking, it will send out five seconds harsh ultrasonic wave to stop the barking. The dog will build up the conditioned reflex after experienced many repeated the action times, the dog knew the extra sound had been caused by its barking. Afterward, the dog wound not bark without reason. In general, this product will trigger more than three times barking. With this product, you will liberate from the annoyed barking and will create a quiet environment for you.

Model: Anti Bark Device
Power Supply: DC 8.4V, 500mA
Power Adapter Input Voltage: AC 100V~240V
Size: 7*13*5cm / 2.8*5.1*2 In

Package Content:
1*Anti bark device
1*Power Adapter
1*Mounted holder
1*Accessories set
1*User manual

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