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Pet Training Blanket

Pet Training Blanket

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Pet Training Blanket

1. Pet sniffing mat is a fun educational toy, comfortable and soft, can relieve the emotional pressure of pets.
2. The color model can stimulate the fun of playing with pets.
3. The soft plush fabric is environmentally friendly, washable and easy to clean.
4. Sniffing training educational toys can relieve the dog's pressure and pass the boring time.

1. The use of high-quality fabrics, sewing, stitching, durable, bite-resistant
2. Colorful designs and interesting accessories will immediately attract dogs. There are several options
3. Colorful accessories are not only decorations, but also food for training dogs' sense of smell and observation
4. Detachable design, easy to clean, no dead ends
5. Belt design, convenient for manual storage

Product information:
Large dog feeding mat, small/large dog sniffing mat, pet training mat, work blanket size suitable for all dogs
Material: Polyester
Purpose: Pet sniffing mat/training mat/work activity mat/decorative mat

Packing list:
Pet sniffing mat*1

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