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For Your Cat and Dog

Dog Sniffing Training Pad

Dog Sniffing Training Pad

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Dog Sniffing Training Pad

1. Machine and hand Washable
2. Pet Expert Says: 10 mins snuffle = 1 hour running
3. Release Extra energy and keep your pet calm down
4. Good for digestion because slow feeding
5. Ideal health care pet bowl mat for a daily meal instead of traditional bowl
Colorful Design,lovely dogs & cats will be attracted.
Inspire fun for your dogs or cats.
Soft Fleece, healthy and easy to clean.
Design with anti-slip silicone points, which keep pets safe.


Material: Polyester
Color: gray, blue
Size: S ~50x75CM, L~ 70x105CM  
Item Type: Pet Snuffle Mat Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys
Type: A, B
Material: Soft Fleece
Perfect for All Breeds: all dogs or any other animals at any age can find pleasure in it.

Package Content
1 xPet Interactive Mat

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