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For Your Cat and Dog

Dog Bed Banana

Dog Bed Banana

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Dog Bed Banana


1. Fabric details
Crystal velvet, the fabric is thicker and warmer, comfortable and close to the body, warm and practical
2. Good things, good details
Cute three-dimensional shape thickening design is softer
3. Comfortable, soft and deep sleep
The fabric is delicate and comfortable, warm and soft
4. Self-adhesive
Self-adhesive design, self-adjustable adhesion
Variable in two forms, durable, environmentally friendly and healthy

Material: Cloth
Product category: pet nest
Color: yellow banana nest, pink banana nest, beige banana nest, brown banana nest, green banana nest
Product material: super soft short plush fabric, 2.0 cm thick sponge

S: length 40 width 15 height 11 (cm), suitable for 1kg of Totoro
M: length 55 width 20 height 15 (cm), suitable for 2.5kg
L: length 68 width 25 height 18 (cm), suitable for 3.5kg
XL: length 91 width 32 height 19 (cm), suitable for 7.5kg

Package Content:

1*Closed pet bed

Package Content:
1 x Bed

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