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Pet Gravity Voice Ball

Pet Gravity Voice Ball

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    Pet Gravity Voice Ball
  1. Overview
    1. Interactive Cat Toys: Simulate the real sounds of birds, frogs and cricket, make lifelike animals chirping sounds once playtime begins, stimulates cats' instinct to hunt. Your cats will fall in love with the ball.
    2. Refillable Catnip Toys:you can pour some into the toy balls, which will make your cat crazier.
    3. Happy and Healthy Cat: The cat ball toy set with catnip and vivid animal voice, your cats will be crazy about it. Cats can’t stop playing them. 4. When you are away from home, this ball will keep your energetic cat’s energy levels balanced and keep them busy all the time, make your cat away from loneliness.
    5. Safe To Play: These cat hunting toys are made of high quality and durable EVA, soft and safe for cats.

  2. Note:
    The product is equipped with button batteries, not removable, make each cat toy ball last 10,000 times of chirping. The ball will keep quiet when left alone to save battery power.

  3. Specifications:
    Material: EVA
    Size: 5cm/1.97 inch
    Pink: Bird Sound
    Blue: Frog Sound
    Yellow: Cricket Sound
    Size Information

  4. Package Content:
    1 x Cat Toy Ball


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