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For Your Cat and Dog

Pet Ear Wash

Pet Ear Wash

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Pet Ear Wash

100% brand new and high quality
The main component is chlorophenyl ether ester, which is fragrant, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol and propylene
Organic solvents such as alcohol and xylene. This product is stable to light and has a long shelf life, but it is easily hydrolyzed in alkaline media.

Dogs and cats with ear mite otitis media.

How to use:
You can take the medicine several times a day until you recover. Clean the outside of the ear first, then squeeze an appropriate amount of this product (the size of pea grains are appropriate) into the ear canal, and gently massage the root of the ear. If you have otitis media, please continue to use the medicine for two weeks

Packing list:
Pet ear cleaning cream*1

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