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Cat Scratcher Board Mat

Cat Scratcher Board Mat

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Cat Scratcher Board Mat

S-shaped thin: about 33.5cm long, about 4cm thick, and about 23cm wide

S-shaped thickness: about 43cm in length, about 4cm in thickness, and about 21cm in width

Arch bridge shape: about 42cm in length, about 4cm in thickness, and about 22.5cm in width

M shape: length about 44.5cm, thickness about 3cm, width about 21cm

Bone type: length about 43.5cm, thickness about 4cm, width about 23c

Straight board: about 44cm in length, about 4cm in thickness, and about 21.3cm in width

Wave type: length about 44cm, thickness about 4.5cm, width about 21.5cm

Cartoon cat: about 42cm in length, 13.5cm in thickness, and 21.5cm in widthMaterial: corrugated paper 
Color as shown 
1.They love it: A catnip scratcher and lounger for natural scratching for cats of all sizes and breeds. 
2.The perfect scratch: Ideal for healthy claws maintenance, exercise/muscle toning and stress relieve. 
3.Not like old scratchers: Curves makes scratching easier and more comfortable, being also a nice place to rest. 
4.Your furniture will thank you: It helps redirect scratching away from home décor. 
5.Safe and Reliable: Durable design and material for secure playing and hiding.  

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