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For Your Cat and Dog

Pet Ozone Odor Eliminator Brush

Pet Ozone Odor Eliminator Brush

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Pet Ozone Odor Eliminator Brush

This pet comb made by quality ABS and softy silicone material, not only can massage your puppy and cat to remove your pet hair and eliminate knots, dander, and trapped dirt without hurting your pet, but also generate ozone and reach your pet's skin and fur to deodorize and get rid of the odor.
The lightweight handheld device can easily brush your pet's hair. 2-3 times massaging a week for 10-15 minutes for your pet hair best grooming results. Ozone sprays out from the outlet above, making a faint sound during working. Do not take ozone outlet face to the mouth or eyes of people or pets.
Press the switch for a few seconds until the indicator light turns green to enter working, press the switch a few seconds again until the green light disappears to stop working. The red light shows not enough power and needs to charge until the green light turns on to work again.

Voltage: 3V
Current: 200mA
UV wavelength: 253.7nm
Irradiation intensity: >2500uw/cm2
Power supply: 2 x AAA, 2 AAA batteries (default without batteries)
Packing size: L45 x W45 x H225mm
Product weight: 112g (including box)
Carton size: L460 x W235 x H460mm / 13KG
Packing quantity: 98PCS
Color: yellow, green, pink (color subject to the actual product)

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