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For Your Cat and Dog

Cat Lounge Bed

Cat Lounge Bed

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Cat Lounge Bed
The breathable mesh gives your pet a cool spot to rest during the hot summer months. 
It's also great for use in the winter months so your pet will have a cozy spot to rest above cold, hard surfaces.
The pad is designed to install on the frame by quick magic Velcro tape, so it's very convenient. Also, it is made of waterproof polyester, so there's no need to bring it in during the rain. 
The durable mesh resists rips from your pet's paws and claws. 
Screw and hex wrench are included for fast and easy assembling the frame, requiring no extra tools.
Any problem, please contact our store without hesitation. Honor to serve you!

Material: Polyester Mesh and Steel  

Item Size:  

Rocking bed: 46*46*19 cm

Lounge bed: 45*45*22 cm

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