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Cat Scratch Board

Cat Scratch Board

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Cat Scratch Board

Are you worried about how to prevent pets from scratching furniture? The cat grabber is designed to save on household items and correct the habit of scratching the cat. Its mat is made of high quality sword drums with horns and slits, so the cat can nail like a stripe. As a furniture protection mat, the mat avoids scratching the furniture and reduces cat anxiety and destructive scratching. If you want to save on household items, this cat note book is your best choice.

Furniture protection pad: This pad can effectively remove the scratches on the furniture and then save the household items.
Trimming nails: A cat scratching device with corners and slits allows the cat to cut nails like a scratch.
Environmentally friendly and durable: The cat grabbing board is made of the highest quality sword bulldozer, which will not harm the environment and is resistant to wear and can be used for a long time.
Redeem the energy of a cat: This card helps to reduce anxiety and destructive cat scratching and correcting its scratching habits while satisfying the cat's scratching instinct.
Satisfying the streaking instinct: This mat can definitely satisfy the cat's wandering instinct, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the cat and calm them down.
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Project Name: Cat Scratch Board
Color: beige
Main material: sword loose, cotton linen
Optional style: regular / nailed mat /
Rim for conventional armrests: 40 * 29 cm; 
Nails: 40 * 29 cm; 
Handrail: 117 * 29 cm;

Packing size: 40 * 30 * 1 cm / 15.75 * 11.81 * 0.39 inch Opp

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