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For Your Cat and Dog

Dog Toilet Training Spray

Dog Toilet Training Spray

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Dog Toilet Training Spray

Product Description:
Item Type: pet jar spray
Material: Plastic
Color: as in the picture
Target audience: Dogs
Capacity: 30 ml

1. the special smell can attract cats and train them to have the ability to position defecation.
2. The odor supplement is environmentally friendly and nontoxic, and the product is harmless to pets.
3. It is special and useful for dogs and helps them develop their good habit of defecation without any punishment.
4. It is easy to use. When you perceive that pets have the motive to defecate, take it immediately to the place where you expect to defecate, induce spraying at a fixed position, let the animals sniff, and gradually establish a defecation-conditioned reflex at fixed point, you can form a good habit of defecation.
5. The 30ml capacity can be used for a long time, which is economical and convenient.

Package Includes:
1 x pet jar spray

1. Please allow a difference of 1 to 3 cm due to manual measurement and 3 to 5g for the difference between different colors.
2. Due to the screen difference, the color may be a little different from what you expect, please allow

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